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Venture & Incubation DAO
BUIDL by Geeks, for Geeks


About Us

Geekcartel, just like its name, is a venture capital firm formed by a group of geeks that comes from all corners of the crypto world and armed up to invest in promising early-stage web3 startups. We are dedicated to supporting these projects to help them reach their full potential.


Our hands-on approach covers everything from technical aspects, such as security service, and smart contract review, to operational considerations, such as funding strategies and global marketing and partnership strategies.


Our team is made up of a talented and experienced group of web3 veterans, including crypto enthusiasts, whitehat hackers, tech experts, infosec academics, marketing strategist, crypto lawyers, successful BUIDLers and investors in the industry.


We are committed to driving long-term and global impact in the infrastructure and development of the industry, as well as to provide our resources, abilities and time to empower others toward the path of success, enabling bright minds to construct a better world, for future generations.

Empowering the future with us


Strategic Partnerships

  • Partnerships with others would greatly help a new idea or product to land the resources they require to success.

  • We can help you match the crypto ecological resources partnership (web3, gamefi, socialfi, metaverse, defi and many more) that can boost the growth of your product.

  • Our geeks and builders with plenty of experiences in the industry will be able to advise you from scratch.

  • Languages covered

  • English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Japanese and Malay

  • Market coverage of our marketing network

  • Turkey, Greater China, Korea, South East Asia, Russia(CIS) and Europe.

  • Global exchange, Media, KOLs, communities resources.

  • Connected 300+ communities, more than 500k members, supported 200+ leading crypto projects, 50+ Binance listed project, AVAX, Huobi Primepool and Primelist projects.

  • The absolute authoritative ability in terms of technical and security

  • Fast, efficient, unqueued security auditing service, coverage of Solidity, Rust, C++ and many more smart-contract including SWC, CVE and etc (800+ security loopholes), providing professional advisory or services regarding project’s Web Security, Vulnerabilites, Decompilation and Assembly, App Security Reinforcement, Server Information Leakage and Red Teaming.

  • Usually we are still able to detect vulnerabilities even after the project was audited by 3rd party auditing companies

  • Go+ security as Geekcartel’s member

    • They a security protocol project specialized in building the new security infrastructure for the Web3 world

    • The team holds a decentralized mindset to solve the security issue in Crypto by building a security DAO, which had won the technical support of Quantstamp and Mudit Gupta(And the investment fund he is in now, DeltaBC). The security API had also been adopted by many projects and Public Chains, including - the main portal for Arbitrum Ecosystem

Strategic Advisory, Marketing, and Regional Market Cultivation 

Technical Advisory, Smart Contract, App and Software.

Games Economics and Tokenomics advisory

  • Our builders who are games player and economist are able to help with both applying mathematical modelling test and in-game testing to improve the overall games economy. Ensuring the profitability and sustainability in the long run.


Some of our backgrounds and partnerships


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