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Security Service

Following the significant growth of the blockchain industry, security vulnerabilities remain a major concern for projects and web3 citizens. Geekcartel's mission as a technical-driven venture is to continuously provide technical value to the industry.

Salus Security, a comprehensive blockchain security company, was a key strategic partner of Geekcartel to progress the objective and contribute the security on web3 to a new milestone. Dedicated to tackling the toughest security challenges facing the industry today. By building foundational trust into technology and infrastructure through security, helping clients to lead their respective industries and unlock their full Web3 potential. 

Their team of security experts employ industry-leading proof-of-concept (PoC) methodology for reflecting smart contract vulnerabilities, coupled with advanced red teaming capabilities and a stereoscopic vulnerability detection system, to deliver comprehensive security assessments that allow clients to stay ahead of the curve. In addition to smart contract audits and red teaming.

Salus Security will be a part of Geekcartel's network of resources to strengthen its portfolio and due diligence strength. You can click the button below to quickly access the Smart Contract Rapid Detection Service developed by Salus Security. 

Salus Security's Rapid Detection Service is designed to bring smart contract security to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. This cutting-edge yet cost-effective security solution is designed to meet a wide range of business needs, including investment due diligence, security assessments, code quality evaluations and optimization.

The service features advanced security tools such as multi-engine formal verification with high accuracy and dynamic capabilities such as fuzzing, taint analysis, and more. Additionally, expert consultation is included in service packages, which start from $99 per package. This makes Salus Security's Rapid Detection Service the only product in the market that offers such level of expert support.


Geekcartel will always be helpful in advising on security concerns and we are happy to connecting you with Salus Security to get the best service and deal to support the advancement of Web3 security.

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